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A longtime Virginia Seaside Police sergeant was arrested Saturday night and charged with assaulting his wife, according to police and court public records.Sgt. Shawn Walter Hoffman, 57, who works as a supervisor in the inner affairs division, was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and electric battery of a family member.Emergency respond… Read More

Not everyone out there can imagine life without a family. Parents are taught ways of building and maintaining close family ties, both in good times and in difficult times. People today recognize the damaging effects that television has on impressionable children, and, for that matter, on teenagers and adults. When parents do not feel comfortable ar… Read More

Did you know that 1 in 4 young Australians are bullied regularly? These incidents and others clearly show drastic disconnects between school administrators and policy, and what is happening on buses, in locker rooms, in hallways, at sporting events, online and numerous other locations where bullying and abuse is taking place.Without appropriate t… Read More

Track tested performance and outstanding efficiency, advanced technology and cutting-edge design: the Focus ST delivers it all, in one thrilling package. Diesel power represents the cheapest avenue into Ford Focus ST ownership, at a tad under £26k, although the petrol model is only slightly more expensive. A new electric handbrake (which is standa… Read More