SimSimi is the artificial intelligence chatting robot. - The first chatbot in Italian ever (and written by only one programmer). To top the cake, the bot sent the numbers of my friends address(correctly) and this is where she decided to delete the app. Then there are the messages that Boyfriend Maker is teaching that didn't result in controversy, b… Read More

At the end of a team building module, one of several in a leadership training course I used to give, we would often play a quick game called, The Sound of One Hand Clapping”. Girls say it is more fun when there are lots of people playing. It is also a hand-clapping game. One hand alone does not generate a half clap” such that two hands creates … Read More

Our tax parcels help customers make smart surface judgements in places where they work. By knowing the land owner, the tenant, the building information as well as other spatial info, customers have the capacity to contact the right people in an informed and timely fashion.Besides the regular information like property lines, mailing addresses, physi… Read More

Fixed - The players can place the defuser in Armory on top of boxes and out of reach for defenders. As luck would have it, his team lost the match, but he notes he was "inhibited with the hate of a community for a solid week" that affected his and his teammates' gameplay.We don't know if Clever is using that kind of cheat, but a quick Google search… Read More